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Stella Mann founded the College that still bears her name in Hampstead in 1946, where it gained a reputation as one of the finest ballet schools in the country. Since Mary Breen took over from Stella in 1985, the College has diversified its training to include a wide range of up-to-date musical theatre and dance skills and styles. In 2003 the College moved to a wonderful, purpose-built facility in the heart of Bedford, where it has continued its development into a training institution that meets the demands of this most competitive but rewarding market place – the performing arts.

Celebrating Individuality

Stella Mann College celebrates individuality and versatility in its students and, as can be seen from Our Graduates, our students go onto successful and happy careers in enormously diverse areas. These include West End shows, commercial and contemporary dance, film and television acting, pop groups, aerial and acrobatic work and modelling, with their careers often taking them all over the world. We recognise that every single student has something very special to give and the training that the College provides aims to allow every individual to become the best person they can be.

Emphasising Teamwork

The College emphasises teamwork and equality in every aspect of College life; we expect a high level of professionalism from the moment new students walk through the door and in return treat every member of the College as professionals. This professionalism is rewarded by the College giving students a very high level of responsibility, from taking warm-ups and supervising rehearsals to acting as deputy stage manager or lighting technician for College performances. In their third year students even produce, direct and choreograph a show entirely by themselves – a wonderful opportunity for budding choreographers, especially as some of this work has also been shown in front of thousands at Move It. Due to this kind of experience many of our students have had the opportunity to work as Dance Captains.

The College has an excellent support system in place that aims to ensure that no student ever feels threatened or alone. This works together with first-class training to create imaginative, innovative and free performers who have all the necessary tools to find their place in whichever areas of the performing arts their passion lies.

We offer a wide range of courses to suit many different training goals; details can be found at ‘Our Courses’. Whether you want a foundation course to top up your skills before starting full-time training or a one-year intensive course to work on performance or technique after prior training, want to extend your academic qualifications to BA (Hons) Degree in Performing Arts or the Trinity College London Diplomas.

Stella Mann College has something for you. We are happy to provide guidance prior to audition or on the audition day about which courses might suit you best.

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