Fees and Funding


Regardless of any external qualifications undertaken, all students will undertake the three-year full-time Stella Mann College Performers Diploma. The fees for this course are £10,275 including VAT per year, to be paid in three instalments of £3,425 at the beginning of each term.

Higher Education Qualifications

In addition to the Stella Mann College Diploma course, students who are 18 years old or over at the start of the course have the option to also undertake the HND/BA (Hons) in Performing Arts course. These qualifications are not compulsory. Any fees paid for these Higher Education qualifications will be deducted from the total fee for the Stella Mann College Diploma. Tuition Fee loans are available for these HE qualifications from the Higher Education Student Loans Company. These amount to £6,000 for each of the first two years of the course, whilst the student in taking the HND, and £9,250 for the third year of the course, whilst the student is taking the BA (Hons) Top-Up course.

To access the Student Loans candidates must be resident in the UK or EU and be 18 years when starting the course. It will be expected that most candidates will have relevant Level 3 qualifications in Performing Arts, although each candidate’s suitability will be judged at audition at Stella Mann College.


Qualification Tuition fee loan Fee to be paid directly to SMC Termly instalments
Stella Mann College Diploma only n/a £10,275 £3,425
HNC – Year 1 £6,000 £4,275 £1,425
HND – Year 2 £6,000 £4,275 £1,425
BA (Hons) – Year 3 £9,250 £2,586 £862

Please note that for students undertaking the BA (Hons) Degree Top-Up course in their third year, the total fee being paid, including the HE Student Loan and fee paid directly to Stella Mann College for the College Diploma course amounts to £11,836. This is due to the extra costs incurred by running the Degree Course through the University of Northampton.

Stella Mann
College Diploma
(3 Years)

Full Fees to SMC

No maintenance loans available

HND in
Performing Arts
(Years 1 & 2)

Student Loan to BC

Remaining Contribution to SMC diploma

  • Student Loan to BC
  • Remaining Contribution to SMC diploma

Means-tested maintenance loans available up to around £8,000

BA Hons Degree
in Performing Arts
(Year 3)

Student Loan to UoN

Remaining Contribution to SMC diploma

  • Student Loan to UoN
  • Remaining Contribution to SMC diploma

Student Maintenance Loans are also available for students undertaking the HND/BA (Hons) courses and drawing tuition fee loans from the SLC. These are means-tested and can be applied for as the student is applying for the tuition fee loans. Maintenance payments are paid directly to the student, who can use these to cover any top-up fees payable to the College.

In addition, there is a registration fee paid to Pearson for the BTEC, payable upon enrolment at Bedford College at the start of the course. These fees are approximately £200 for the first year, with a continuance fee of approximately £60 when starting the second year of the qualification.

Dance and Drama awards and the trinity college london diplomas

The College has a limited number of DaDA Awards to allocate each year. These are allocated on the basis of talent demonstrated at audition, but they are also means tested. Dependent on the household income and accommodation status of each student, the student may be eligible for maintenance payments through this scheme, or may be required to contribute towards the College fees, and students from higher earning families may not be eligible for these awards at all. Please note that any student receiving a DaDA Award cannot also access HE tuition fee or maintenance loans. The following table displays the income bands and what kind of contribution or maintenance payment you should expect based on household income. Please note that before allocating a DaDA Award the College needs proof of household income.

  • Student Contribution
    Max = £7,715
  • DaDA Maintenance Rates
    Max = £4,550

It is vital to assess your eligibility and whether it would be more beneficial to take a DaDA Award or follow the HE route due to the contribution you may need to pay and what maintenance you may be eligible for – see the national pay scales for details.

All students in receipt of a DaDA Award must undertake one of the Trinity College London Diplomas. The College can enter students who are not allocated a DaDA Award and are not taking the HND/BA (Hons) course for the Trinity College Diplomas but this is at the discretion of the College and this would not attract any tuition fee support or maintenance payments.


The Stella Mann College audition is the important first stage of the application process whatever route and external qualification the student decides to follow. Use the links below to fill out an application form or find out more information Apply Now Our Auditions

Higher education qualifications

Unless a student is applying only for the BA (Hons) Degree Top-Up Course, having already completed an HND or equivalent Level 5 study at another institution (see below) students wishing to follow the Higher Education Route will firstly apply for the HND in Performing Arts through Stella Mann College and Bedford College.

In addition to applying for the Stella Mann College audition candidates must also apply to Bedford College via the UCAS system. The institution code for Bedford College is B23 and the course code for the one-year HNC is 2D11 and the course code for the full two-year HND is W470.

Successful audition candidates will usually be given unconditional offers from Stella Mann College and this information will be fed back to Bedford College. Candidates can then apply for the HE loans via:


The application for the BA (Hons) Top-Up Degree Course to be undertaken in the third year of training will normally be processed whilst the student is in their second year at the College but any candidate wishing to apply for this having completed Level 5 training at another institution must, in addition to the Stella Mann College audition, provide two references from previous dance or musical theatre teachers and a personal statement, as well as proof completion of level 5 training, so that the College can process their applications directly with the University of Northampton.

Dance and Drama awards and the Trinity College London Diplomas

All students who successfully audition for Stella Mann College will be considered for a Dance and Drama Award, based on their ability (taking into account eligibility according to household income). All students who are allocated a DaDA Award will automatically be entered for the appropriate Trinity College London Diploma in Professional Dance or Musical Theatre. Students who are not undertaking the HE courses above, and are not in receipt of a DaDA Award may request to be considered for entry onto these Diplomas, but this is done at the discretion of the College and an additional registration fee payable to Trinity College London would apply.


Qualification Min Age Stella Mann College Audition Prior Qualifications UCAS Application UCAS Code External Institution External Institution Code
Stella Mann College Diploma 16 Yes None No n/a n/a n/a
Trinity College London Diplomas 16 Yes None No n/a Trinity College London n/a
HNC/HND Performing Arts 18 Yes Level 3 (A-Levels or BTEC Level 3 Diploma)

Preferred but not compulsory

Yes HNC – 2D11 HND – W470 Bedford College B23
BA (Hons) Top Up Performing Arts 20 Yes Level 5 (HND or Foundation Degree) n/a n/a University of Northampton N38

These figures are correct at time of publishing for the academic year 2019/2020. We reserve the right to change the fees for the Stella Mann College Diploma in future years. The Government and Universities dictate HE fees.

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