Our Facilities

The College is housed in a large, privately-owned building with five purpose-built dance studios, the largest being 31’3″ x 46′, three others being 31’6″ x 30′, and the smallest being 35’6″ x 14’9″. All studios have excellent sprung dance flooring, good pianos, including an excellent grand piano in the largest studio, mirrors, ballet barres and amply powered music systems with mp3 player connectivity. All have high ceilings and are well heated and lit. Students may use any free studios throughout the day for private practice.

The largest studio has recently been converted into a studio theatre space, with purpose built black drapes, three lighting bars and specially designed programmable lighting system, in which the College stages some of its performances.

The ground floor contains changing areas with secure lockers, student and staff toilets and showers. There is also a library, well-stocked with dance and theatre books and a wide range of dance performances and musicals on DVD. The smaller studio on the ground floor also has a range of weights and gym equipment for the male students’ strength-training classes.

On the first floor are three student common rooms with kitchen facilities and the offices for the Principal, Course Leader and College Administrator. There is also an IT suite with six up-to-date computers with Internet access, and common rooms with DVD playback facilities.

On the second floor there is a large, bright space used for singing classes and lectures, the staff room, a boys’ changing room, a rest room and the Finance Officer’s office.

Having moved from a split site campus in Hampstead to this single building in 2003 all College users thoroughly enjoy the sense of close community created by everyone being under one roof. All visitors to the College note what a friendly, comfortable but hard-working and energetic atmosphere there is in this building, and with the College’s ethos of teamwork and equality this really can be a home from home for all students.